Understanding Practice, Performance & Creativity

Step 1. Understanding Artful Practice

Self-assessment, reading, and written test.

Essential questions about practicing,

  • What is practice?

  • Which physical items does my practice space need?

  • How do I plan and schedule my practice sessions?

  • How do I choose new material?

  • How do I engage in self-reflection?

  • What are the habits of excellence and artistic interpretation?

  • How do I solve problems?

  • How do I memorize music?

  • How do I build technique and fuel my motivation?

Step 2. Achieving Fearless Performance

Self-assessment, reading, and written test.

Essential questions about performance,

  • How does anxiety affect me as a musician?

  • What is the basic anxiety equation?

  • What is the root of my performance anxiety?

  • Which strategies can I use to help craft my confidence?

  • Which performance skills do I need to learn?

  • What do I do to prepare for a performance?

  • How do I start and stop during a performance and create stage presence?

  • How do I connect with my audience?

  • How do I respond to errors/mistakes during a performance?

Step 3. Building Lifelong Creativity

Preventing Injuries and Succeeding as a Student

Essential Questions:

  • What causes performance injuries?

  • What are some of the warning signs and what should I do in response?

  • How do I prevent performance injuries?

  • What should I expect when recovering from a performance injury?

  • How do I choose and work with a teacher, especially in college?

  • How do I deal with criticism?

  • How do I deal with less-than-fair criticism?

  • How do I build a career?

  • How do I boost creativity?