Parent & Student Accounts

You must use your CCPS credentials when prompted to access the class codes. Click "Switch Accounts" to sign into your CCPS Google Drive. Please NO NOT click "Request Access".

Charms Office Assistant - Your Orchestra Portal!

Account Type: Parent/Student Shared Account | One Login

Set-up Completed By: Parent or Student

To organize and manage day-to-day operations of the orchestra program, the orchestra utilizes Charms Office Assistant. Charms offers the ability to communicate with students, parents/guardians, volunteers, and chaperones, manage trips, fundraisers, and record financial transactions, as well as manage physical inventory items such as sheet music, instruments and accessories.

Parents and students share the same account and password. To access your Charms account:

      1. Visit (or click here, then skip to step 3)

      2. At the top menu bar, hover your mouse pointer over ENTER button and click “Parents/Students/Members.”

      3. Enter the school code: stilwellorchestra

      4. Enter your default password, which is the student’s Clayton County/Stilwell school ID number (starting with 0). You may later change this password.

      5. If you forget your password or are having problems accessing your account, please contact the director.

      6. Charms is available on any device through a web browser as well as via the Charms App for Android and iOS.

TIP: Sync the Charms calendar to your mobile devices and Google Calendar! After completing steps 1 , 2, and 3 above, click on "Student Calendar". On the top left hand corner of the screen next to "Exit Charms", click "SYNC CALENDAR". Follow the instructions for your specific device.

TIP: Download the Charms Mobile App. Open your app store and search for "Charms Blue - Student App".


Account Type: Students | Parents Connect via Parent Code

Set-up Completed By: Student/Parent

Remind is a free service that allows you to get messages directly on your phone. Personal contact information (like cell phone numbers) will not be visible on Remind.

Signing up for text messages.

      1. Text the class code provided by the director to the phone number 81010.

      2. Reply to the text messages from the Remind Team.

Signing up for smartphone notifications.

      1. Download the Remind app on your Android or iOS device.

      2. Open the app and create an account (or log in if you already have one).

      3. Tap the + by classes joined and enter the class code provided by the director.

Signing up via the web:


Account Type: Student Only | No Parent Access or Account

Set-up Completed By: Student

SmartMusic is a web-based music education platform that connects teachers and students.

Teachers and students have access to an unrivaled library of music from which to create individualized assignments for every student. Students receive immediate feedback as they practice each assignment. Their best performances can be sent back to the teacher for supportive feedback and guidance. Students also have the ability to explore the SmartMusic library and discover new music.

To set up your SmartMusic account:

      1. Open Google Chrome or Safari and visit (SmartMusic is not compatible with Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox). To download Google Chrome, click here.

      2. Enter the student e-mail and the class code(s) provided by the director.

      3. Follow the instructions to complete account set-up.

      4. Alternatively, visit

      5. Please note: We use New SmartMusic (not Classic SmartMusic). You may find the need at some point to select the correct version.

SmartMusic can be used on Windows, Mac, and iOS (iPad) devices.