Middle School Orchestra Coaching Program

Stilwell Orchestra's coaching program is available to all 6th-8th grade Clayton County orchestra students is designed to give middle school students an opportunity to work with advanced high school orchestra students in practicing and learning orchestra music, preparing for LGPE, improving sight reading skills, mastering scales, working on solos, and building overall technique. In return, high school students earn valuable experience and volunteer hours which can be applied towards their Fine Arts Diploma Seal. Students who are interested in auditioning for Stilwell are especially encouraged to attend.

Please check with the director (joel.perkins@clayton.k12.ga.us) for current session offerings. Typically sessions range from 8-10 weeks in the fall and 3-4 weeks in the early spring, but may vary year to year.

While there is no cost to parents, the orchestra program greatly appreciates any donations to help to provide scholarships, instruments, materials, and opportunities to deserving orchestra students . If you would like to make a donation, please click here.

Registration for Parents

Sign your middle school orchestra child up for coaching from one of our advanced high school students.

Registration for HS Coaches

If you are a high school orchestra student interested in coaching, please submit the form below.