Sheet Music, Books & Recording Library

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Techniques Books

Fingerboard charts, Habits, Sound Innovations, and other instrument specific resources.


Scales books and official required scales packets for all instruments by grade level.

Mobile Device Users: If documents are difficult to read using a mobile device, after opening the document, click on the three vertical dots on the top right hand corner of Google Docs and select "Print Layout".

Solo Books

Instrument-specific solo books and recordings for each instrument. Packets contain select solos by level.

Ètude Books

Instrument specific étude books, packets, and resources to develop further targeted skills.

Orchestra Parts

Includes sheet music for 7th/8th period orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, and Mezzo Strings.

All-State Auditions

Includes audition music, instructions, and other documents for all-state Orchestra.

Clayton Nights

Includes audition materials, if any for the annual CCPS "Clayton Nights" concert.