Instruments, Bows, and Accessories

There are many factors to consider when obtaining an instrument and it can be a confusing experience. Student level, quality, and cost are among the biggest considerations. Other factors such as liability for accidental damage are also a concern. The value of properly fitted tuning pegs, bridges, fingerboards, bow responsiveness, and ease of tightening and loosening a bow can mean the difference between an enjoyable playing (and listening!) experience and dreading to play.

Good quality instruments are surprisingly affordable and there are various options for finding the perfect fit. For beginners (and even intermediate students), it is highly recommend to avoid the "I'm just a beginner so I should buy a cheap instrument" line-of-reasoning. Amazon and eBay specials are destined to make learning to play an instrument much harder than it has to be. Inferior materials and improper set-up are a recipe for headache and demolishing your excitement to play. Renting an instrument from a reputable shop or store is a fantastic option and often many shops offer a rent-to-own program, applying rent equity towards the purchase of an instrument. This allows for easy upgrades as the student grows. Before renting or purchasing an instrument, the director would be happy to walk you through the benefits of owning vs. renting as well as answer all your questions you will have.

Below are some fantastic resources for purchasing, renting-to-own, and straight out rentals.